Inland Empire, California TNBA – IE Senate Youth are Sharpening Their Bowling Skills!

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Pictured from left to right: O’Neil, Hornback, Morning, Berrie, Carey and Ms. Vidad
Pictured from left to right: O’Neil, Hornback, Morning, Berrie, Carey and Ms. Vidad

San Bernardino — Five Inland Empire junior bowlers (Deelynn Berrie, Matthew Carrey, Daven Hornback, Samantha Morning, and Dillon O’Neil) earned certification for completing their multi-session training clinic with the legendary Paula Vidad, PWBA, Team USA, World Champion Bowler and TNBA Member, this past weekend! The training clinic was hosted by the Junior Council Program within the Inland Empire Senate of the National Bowling Association, Inc. (TNBA), and sponsored by Paula Vidad and Del Rosa Bowl. This collaboration allowed the Inland Empire Senate’s junior bowlers to receive world class training tips at an affordable cost.

According to Ms. Vidad, “A coaching clinic is always a benefit to youth bowlers, as they develop their individual game and style. Basics are the foundation, but no two bowlers are alike. A Coach is there to see them improve and enjoy the game for a lifetime – whether it’s for recreation or competition.”

The junior bowlers worked on “Approach, Lane Play, Timing, Targeting, Topography and more!” Berrie exclaimed, “I really enjoyed the coaching clinic with Ms. Paula. I learned so many new techniques!” Carey stated, “…the clinic was a good learning experience to become a better bowler!” Morning contended, “Ms. Paula was great…she showed my good (and bad) bowling habits, and how to fix my bad ones!”

As the youth enter an upcoming busy bowling season, Ms. Vidad’s training was designed to help them improve their overall bowling knowledge, skills and lane usage – making a difference in their local bowling league experiences and giving them the extra edge, as they have the opportunity to compete in upcoming bowling tournaments (The Junior Council Program’s USBC and TNBA Certified – SMART Scholarship Tournaments, USBC Citrus Belt, USBC Pepsi, USBC California State, the Junior Bowlers Tour (JBT), the Junior Amateur Tour (JAT), USBC-Junior Gold and others).

The bowlers’ parents were inquisitive observers while Ms. Vidad led the youth to improve their skills. When asked how they felt about what was observed, they collectively commented with, “Enjoyed seeing the attention she gave each…extremely helpful…analyzing all aspects of the game from the correct equipment, to stance, to delivery…

Paula is very relaxed and teaches in a way the kids understand, and provides immediate feedback and praise… will definitely attend more coaching clinics like this!”

Ms. Vidad enjoyed coaching the junior bowlers, asserting, “I was quite impressed with their progress! They were quick on their feet and absorbed a lot of information I threw their way. I hope to work with them again in the near future and track their progress!” She offered this advice to parents’ whose children are being coached: “It’s important that parents not be too stern or strict with their kids’ efforts, be supportive. Let THEM enjoy it!”

About TNBA and the Inland Empire Senate’s Junior Council Program 
TNBA has more than 2,500 junior bowling members, nationally (ages 4-20). The Inland Empire Senate’s Junior Council Program supports our diverse youth members with fun, competitive and personal activities. We encourage them to set goals and achieve success on and off the lanes, including the development of leadership, academic and bowling skills. Equally important is participating in community service. The TNBA organization engages in fundraising activities at the local, regional and national levels each year, to support students in higher education through the Junior Program and Scholarship Program, Inc. (JP&SP) — “Paving the Roads to Their Futures!”

TNBA’s Vision
Our vision is that youth bowlers would develop a love for the sport of bowling through “sportsmanship, fellowship and friendship” through their TNBA (The National Bowling Association, Inc.) certified youth bowling programs and it fuels their desire to continue bowling and supporting TNBA into their adulthood.

TNBA’s Mission Statement
Our mission is to educate, train and encourage youth to become aware, interested and involved in the operation of their local Senate and The National Bowling Association, Inc. through active participation and growth.

For more information about The Junior Council Program within the Inland Empire Senate of the National Bowling Association, Inc. (TNBA), visit or call (951) 532-4177.

For more information about TNBA, visit | To inquire about the coaching services of Paula Vidad, email or call (909) 717-4736. | To request an interview with the youth featured within this release, please, contact Jonnetta at (951) 532-4177, to connect you with their parents.