It seems that almost every youth bowling tournament in California is becoming a scholarship event.  There may not be thousands of dollars available at every event, but of course, every little bit helps and it does add up! 

All active CUSBC scholarships have been sent to SMART.  Please check with SMART to make sure that the correct funds are matching with your records. Create your USBC SMART login so that you can check your scholarship online and annually – Make sure that your funds are correct and that your personal info (address, phone and birthdate) information are also correct. Congratulations on earning your award and good luck with your continued education!


USBC offers millions of dollars in scholarship money to help young bowlers get a jump start on their dreams. More than $6 million in scholarship money is offered each season by bowling associations and councils, certified tournaments and proprietors throughout the United States.

SMART, which stands for Scholarship Management and Accounting Reports for Tenpins, is a program designed to help associations and organizations set up, manage and disburse youth bowling scholarship funds.  SMART oversees 2,700 different bowling organizations’ scholarship funds, belonging to more than 105,000 individuals who have earned scholarships totaling more than $20 million. USBC’sSMART staff provides complimentary assistance for recipients and providers.  Use the following links to locate local, state and regional scholarship opportunities listed on the SMART Program & Scholarships Web site.

Click to download USBC National Scholarship Awards Applications