USBC Youth High Score Awards for 2014-2015

Beginning August 1, 2014, USBC no longer will provide youth members with an award for USBC High Score accomplishments (11 in a row, 300 game and 800 series). We will continue to recognize these High Score achievements in the members’ records and we have partnered with Awards Company of America (ACA) and Keepsake to offer a line of commemorative awards for purchase. The option to receive a $25 scholarship or make a donation to a USBC charity as an award for a High Score is being discontinued.

When a USBC Youth member bowls a High Score, the player will complete the High Score Award application which is then to be submitted to USBC. All USBC Youth High Score Award applications will be processed by USBC headquarters. Youth High Score applications no longer will be submitted to USBC through WinLABS.