Help Me Strike Out Disease

Hello, my name is Glenn. I started raising money for Rady Children’s Hospital since I was 8 years old, in the memory of my friend Mikael, who passed away on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012, due to complications of a severe case of incephalitis.

Mikael David Larson was born on December 2, 2005 and was diagnosed with a terminal autoimmune disease. No one knew the cause and hospital did their best to treat Mikael.

I never thought of Mikael as being sick, sure he had feeding tubes and was tired from time to time, but once he started something, he never quit, nor complained. If he was hurting, he tried to hide it. He always had a smile on his face, but I could tell. We played games and gone on outings.

Mikael always wanted to be a superhero, saving and protecting people. Almost every time we played, he wore part of a costume or a homemade cape. Our home was like a second home for Mikael and his family.

I still remember the last time he came to visit us. He played with me and my baby sister, while his mom was running errands and talking with my mom. At the end of the day, he told my mom to “Pray for me.” That was the last time I ever saw Mikael.

I couldn’t visit him in the hospital, but my mom cooked food for his family and my dad delivered it, since he worked near the hospital. I wanted to do something too, but what can I do. I was a 8 year old boy, with one of his best friends in hospital. The hospital wouldn’t allow toys, I couldn’t cook for his family. The only thing I can do is bowl and that is when I decided. I am going to have a bowl-a-thon to help raise money to help Mikael in the hospital, and I linked to one of the biggest bowling events in California Youth Bowling, the Youth State Bowling Championship. I created flyers and sign-up sheets, went door to door, store to store, and to my school to get pledges for Mikael and Rady Children’s Hospital.

When Mikael died, less than four months before my bowl-a-thon, I was upset and didn’t know what to do. After talking with my dad, we talked with Radys and Mikael’s mom and decided to continue. Mikael wouldn’t have given up, and neither would I.

With my dad’s help five years ago, I created my first miraclemakers page, to raise money for Radys Children’s Hospital Hematology and Oncology Research Department. By helping the hospital, they may find better ways to treat and save kids like Mikael.

Right now, I am 13 years old and I am still trying to raise money for Rady Children’s Hospital. This year my dad created a Facebook page for me instead of a Calendar Event, because I am still too young to join Facebook.

This year’s Youth State Bowling Championship will be held at Forest Lanes, in Lake Forest on July 9-10, 16-17 and 23-24.

I am scheduled to bowl on the 23-24th of July, but I am looking for additional teams or doubles partners who may be looking for a sub or fill-in the other two weekends so I can boost my pin count and marks, to raise more money for Rady Children’s Hospital.

So youth coaches, if you need a sub for your team, even if it is the day before the event, please contact me or my father through Facebook and I will try to be there to support your team and Children’s Hospital.

If you would like to make a performance based pledge, please visit my Facebook page and send me a message or post on my page with your pledge.

Please visit my Facebook Page –

______ per strike
______ per spare
______ per pin

Results will be posted during and after the Youth State Bowling Championship.


If you decide to make a pledge based on my performance:
Pledge                 Performance Donation
25 cents per strike          27        $6.75
10 cents per spare          30        $3.00
1 cent per pin             1667      $16.67
——————Total Donation   $26.42

Pledges are to be paid directly to my Miraclemaker’s Page:

If you want to make a straight donation, you can do that through my Miraclemaker’s Page.

Please check out the following newspaper article regarding Mikael.