David Waybright signs first letter of intent in ten years

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — David Waybright is the first Kern County bowler in ten years to sign a letter of intent.

“It was nerve-wracking signing,” said Waybright. “I woke up that day and was thinking like ‘wow, this is really happening.’ Ten years of hard work is really paying off in a big way.”

Waybright started bowling when he was nine years old for fun. But, quickly found a passion for the sport.

“I know it may not be as fancy as football, basketball or baseball, but it’s just as exciting once you get to actually know the sport,” said Waybright.

He will join the inaugural bowling team at Arizona Christian University in August on a partial scholarship.

“I’m really excited to start something new, be apart of a very new program and help them succeed in the future,” said Waybright.