Stephanie Hong $2,000 CA Youth State Scholarship Winner

Stephanie Hong is a Junior at Buena Park High School and has received countless academic honors, including being in the top 25 Distinguished Scholars 2 years in a row.  She is very active in the Air Force Jr ROTC and serves in leadership positions in various school clubs.  She is also an accomplished bowler, despite only picking the sport up in 2018 and posting a 137 average in that first year.  She rapidly improved and now averages in the 180’s and   has had several top 5 finishes in local and state events  Stephanie also volunteers in her community by tutoring low-income students.  She plans to either be come a nurse or an Aerospace Engineer.

Award was presented at the CUSBC Awards Dinner on June 10, 2023 at Hotel Piccadilly in Fresno.