NICHOLAS HOCKMAN Bowls 300 and “Best of All”…

by Frank Weiler

Oh to be young, talented and a bowler today. There has never been a better time to be a young bowler. The onset of two handed bowling and the resulting spike in high scoring has launched our sport into a new era. Some would call it Bowling’s Boom Times.  Maybe Victor Hugo of Les Miserables fame would call this “Bowling’s Best of Times!  A new “Era of Good Feelings” with everyone getting excited about the sport of Bowling and it’s future as Americans were excited about America’s future during President James Monroe’s time in office.

Nicholas Hockman is a bowler of these times. A “son” of Bowling’s Boom Times.  He’s one of this generations two handed superstars who bowls at Empire Bowl every Saturday morning in the Junior Fall League. He is the dominant force in the Junior League, averaging a record high 245 per game. His average could be a national high at this point in the season.  Question, could 245 be a National Youth High Average Record?

While the USBC Record Book on the internet shows the Adult Male  High Average Record held by Jeff Carter of Springfield, Illinois at 261.7, set in 2000-2001 and the Adult Female High Average Record held by Shannon Pluhowsky of Dayton, Ohio at 250.7, set in 2017-2018. The  Record Book does not list a Youth High Average Record.

In addition to his perfect 300 game, for which he just received his USBC ring and a 300 game certificate, Nicholas has rolled a league high 795 scratch series. He is anchor bowler on his league leading team which has 20 wins and just 7 losses. His teammates include brother Matthew Hockman  (150 average),  Ethan Chambers  (208 average) and Aarin Shepard (208 average). The team has an overall 611 scratch team average.  Not bad for a boy’s bowling team whose ages average under 15 years.

Better yet,  Nicholas is an Honor Student. He is as serious about pursuing high grades as he is about rolling high bowling scores.  He hopes to someday bowl for Wichita State University, the school with the most successful college bowling program in the nation.  Wichita State has produced more than two dozen PBA stars including such professional champions as Chris Barnes, Rick Steelsmith, Sean Rash, Packy Hanrahan, Clara Guerrero, Kris Prather and Francois Lavoie just to name a few.

Best of all, Nicholas is mature beyond his age. He is cool, calm and collected on and off the lanes. He is a good listener, easily digesting and comprehending the instructions of his coaches. Nicholas  is already a great bowler but is mature enough to know he has much more to learn about the complexities of our sport and about the life challenges he and our youth face today.

I am sure coaches Art Guzman and Mike Raddeman would agree that Nicholas is one of the most coachable young bowlers they have coached.

Great bowling Nicholas Hockman. You are another great example of why “California Bowlers Are The Best Bowlers In The World”.